Dog Vaccination & Deworming Schedule Chart for Dog Owners


When you have a dog in your home, it is vital to ensure their hygiene. Getting your dog vaccinated will help it stay healthy and that also keeps your family healthy. Deworming the dog will help to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene. Below are a few facts regarding dog vaccination and deworming.

Why deworm your dog?

Intestinal parasites like roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, and whipworms are frequent among young kittens and puppies. All dogs should be provided a dewormer for easily-prevented diseases caused by these parasites.

Why do puppies need a Bordetella Vaccine?

It’s advisable that all dogs have vaccinated for a kennel cough every year. If you’re planning to board your pet or put your puppy at a kennel, it is good to take a booster vaccine every six months.

Why do pets need Rabies Vaccine?

Rabies shots must be administered on the first year or their birth, and then after every three years. Veterinarian will have the right suggestions to make according to the dog breed.



Chart to follow

Following points will give you a basic idea for vaccinating your dog:

When your puppy is 8 weeks old

In the age of eight weeks, your pup should get its very first distemper or parvo vaccine, or 5-in-1 vaccine. It’s also time to give the pet the initial dewormer to remove intestinal parasites like roundworm or hookworm.

When your puppy is 12 weeks old

12-week-old dogs that have experienced their first distemper/parvo vaccination usually require a booster vaccine for the same thing. It’s generally a fantastic idea to administer booster parvo vaccines every 3 to 4 month before the puppy is 16 months old.

Based upon the dog breed and risk factors, your pet could require a vaccine for a Bordetella or kennel cough. You can also get a dewormer to kill the parasite carrying fleas, skin pests and roundworms, which may have been on your dog.




When puppy is 16 weeks old

Administer the next distemper or parvo vaccine as well as the next Bordetella vaccine if needed. In 16 weeks, your pet is old enough also to have its very first 1-year rabies vaccine. Additionally, it’s a good to test your pet’s stool for intestinal ailments to be specific that a third-round dewormer isn’t needed.

If you care about your furry friend, make sure to get it vaccinated. These won’t just keep them healthy and happy, but also keep up the homely environment hygienic.





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