How to Take Care of Baby from House Dog?

How to Take Care of Baby from House Dog

Just the way you childproof every corner of your home to make sure a growing toddler doesn’t harm itself, you need to childproof it from your pet dog as well. Our pets are a part of our family and our love for them is unconditional. But when there’s a new baby in concern, you need to be careful about their health. Find out the steps you need to take in order to raise a baby around a pet dog.

Ways to take care of a baby when you have a pet dog

We agree that it is essential to keep your baby away from your pet dog when it is an infant. But you have to take necessary measures to make the environment safe for both. Of course, you cannot abandon your pet just because you’re going to have a baby. You need to know how to take care of them both. Check out the following list to know how to go about it:

  • Keep the pet in good health

You need to keep your dog in good health, even if you keep his kennel in the backyard. There should be no evidence or diseases. Babies have very low immunity and have more chances to have an infection. To protect your child from an illness you must:

  1. Immunize your pet
  2. Follow up with flea, tick, and worm-control programs
  3. Keep the pet area clean
  4. Dispose of waste immediately 
  5. Keep litter boxes away from the baby


  • Train the pet

You need to train your dog before you allow it to come in contact with your child. Most dogs try to dominate children as they have a small size. You need to supervise the interaction your dog will have with your baby, once it is over a year old. Make sure the dog doesn’t come in contact with the child before that but allow it to be around. To train your dog and maintain safety for your child, you must:

  1. Redirect nibble, swatting, and pouncing behaviors to toys and not people
  2. Keep their nails trimmed
  3. Supervise every move or keep an eye on the baby all the time


  • Newborns and pets

The fact that there’s going to be a new member who you’re going to play with or attend to, don’t go well with a pet. You need to train your pet to grow fondness towards your baby so that it also accepts the new member of the family. 

Newborns don’t smell, act, or sound like elders. It can confuse your dog. The high-pitched cry of a baby can sound like prey to your dog. This can make any loving and well-behaved pet transform into a predator. To prevent attack-like interaction you need to:

  1. Talk to your vet and pediatrician to know how to train or what necessary changes to make
  2. Let your dog be alone or find them play dates when you don’t have time
  3. Let your spouse walk the dog right from the time you’re a mom-to-be. Since you will be busy with the child at least for the first six months, it is better to let the dog get used to someone else walking it.
  4. Divide the chores you need to do for the dog among all the family members to make sure he is covered and doesn’t feel left out.
  5. Don’t restrict them from coming to every room if not necessary. If it is necessary, make sure you go to the places it has access to and spends time with it.

There is always one person in the house that the dog loves the most and obeys as well. That person needs to play an active role to give instructions and make them follow it. Don’t neglect your dog even if you have less time for it. Neglection can make them grow angry towards the baby and it will not be healthy for the child’s growth.


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