5 Simple Steps to Introduce Your Dog to Newborn Baby

5 Simple Steps to Introduce Your Dog to Newborn Baby

Your life changes just when you find out that you’re expecting. It immediately makes you think about the lifestyle changes you need to do and the environment where you want to welcome the baby. Just as your life will change, a newcomer will affect the mental state of your pet dog. You need to prepare the pet and introduce it to your newborn in the right way.

How to get your pet used to a newborn baby?

Dogs love attention and like siblings, they grow a sense of neglection when there’s another member to take care of. You need to strike a balance to ensure that your pet is happy having another member at home. Check out the following ways to know how you can bring them closer

  • Make gradual changes in routine

If you used to walk your dog every morning but need to sleep for longer hours due to pregnancy, appoint someone else to walk the dog. This way, your furry friend will not feel the change even after the baby comes. Go through routines like walking a stroller, feeding, and rocking a toy, so that it gets used to such activities. Once the baby comes, he will be able to familiarize with your lifestyle changes. 

  • Lessen the amount of attention and play

We know it’s going to be hard, but as new parents, you need to devote time to the baby. You need to find ways to let your pet be on his own and reduce excess attentiveness. After delivery, show your pet that your baby needs attention and you’d love his presence around. This way, it doesn’t feel out of place but grows fondness towards the baby.

  • Play baby music

Your dog is probably more aware of the kind of music you’re used to listening to. Since you’re going to play a lot of baby music after delivery, try playing them before time. Your dog gets time to adjust to new sounds and accepts the gradual change that you need for the baby.

  • Make it familiar with baby products

Baby products have a different kind of smell altogether and it is one way to familiarize your dog with your baby. You should start stocking and even using some of the products you’d apply to your baby’s body. It helps them relate to the two together and become more acceptant.

  • Change instructions

An infant need to be brought up with a lot of care for the first six to 12 months. You have to be cautious with your pet so that it obeys you the way you want it to. From shifting their sleeping place to limiting their access within the house, you might need to do some major changes. Make sure you do it carefully enough to not hurt your pet and also maintain the level of safety you need.

Introducing a newborn to your pet dog

Until the baby is one year old, you need to be careful about their interactions. Babies need constant supervision, so even if you allow the pet to be around, you will know how close they come to each other. As the baby attains toddlerhood, you can allow him/her to play with your pet dog.

Dogs are the best animal friends and they have a lot of love and compassion to offer. Just make sure that your pet grows fondness towards your child, and then they’ll grow old together!


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