Things You Must Know About Pet’s Mental Health


You may be familiar with humans suffering from mental health issues. Even animals can have mental disorders and you must know about that. No matter how odd this sounds, it is actually true. Pets do suffer from mental health issues and humans must try the best possible ways to heal their condition. If you ever feel that your pet around is feeling a bit depressed, high chances are that they might be depressed. Even veterinarians are of the same view. Pets do show signs of mental health trauma when they are mistreated. However, many veterinarians are of the view that if the animal is treated in a proper manner, there are very few chances of being mentally ill.


  1. Birds get anxious and depressed


Like humans, birds are prone to depression and anxiety only due to excessive stress or boredom. When humans are depressed, they tend to harm themselves like pluck their hair. Similar, when birds are depressed they pluck their feathers and shout excessively.


  1. Dogs can be autistic


This may sound weird but dogs do suffer from autism. Several new studies have found that certain dogs have autism-like behaviors. These autistic dogs tend to chase their tails. This is a clear example of an aggressive behavior. However, this may only last for a short time. This is also referred to as fragile X syndrome.


  1. Rats binge on eating


Rats are known to feed on whatever they find. You might have noticed garbage dumps full of rats. However, excessive eating relates to an aggressive behavior among rats.


  1. Cats have anxiety issues


House cats, undoubtedly are one of the laziest animals. All they want is attention, pampering, and food. Some of the most common signs that your cat is bored include mewing, grooming, and sleeping. They can also show signs of anxiety and pain. These actually help them to get over their pain since the body releases pain-relieving chemicals.


  1. Worried animals lose sleep


You should be aware that if your dog is too scared of the thunderstorms or fireworks, he might not sleep. Animals that are exposed to such an environment become anxious and worried. To overcome the fright, they tend to cry or hide.


Mental health is a real issue, be it in a human or an animal. If you notice any slightest signs of a mental problem in your pet, you must take them to a veterinarian. You must also do your bit to comfort and love your pets, gift toys, and nutritious food.


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