At Home Pet Care Services by Expert Veterinarian in India

At Home Pet Care Services by Expert Veterinarian in India

In the last 2 decades, Indian Urban Households keeping Pets at home increased exponentially. The high paying jobs & lavish lifestyle is one of the reasons for increased in Pets in Indian Houses. As the Pets volume increased for taking care of them in one of the main priority for pets owner. But as the cities got crowded, traffic got worst and city residents are getting less time to take care of there pets which increased the need of Vet at Home services day by day. There are many companies which are providing Expert Veterinarian at Home.

List of Pet Care Service Provided at Home

  1. Vaccination – Pets Vaccination is one of the important aspects of Pets Health. Pets need various Vaccination regularly as per season. and taking pets to Vets near you for each time for vaccination is hectic, with Vets services at Home, You can get the Pets Vaccination done at the Comfort of Your Home. Qualified Vet Doctor will visit your home and complete the Pet Vaccination in a matter of Minutes.
  2. Preventive Checkups – As in India we have 3 major weather seasons, pets are very suspectable for diseases as they are always kept in the House. Their immunity is not same as the street dogs, for that every 4 months preventive health check-ups for Pets are very much required, where Vets will come to your home do the preventive checkups for your pets and provide the reports for same.
  3. Regular Physical Examination – As the Pets stays at home, their Regular Pet health check-up is necessary, with Vets at home services, you can avail the monthly physical examination of your pets at your home. They will check the Fever, Indigestion and Loose motion, Lethargy, Diet Issues related to pets and do the treatment at home or prescribe the medicines for them.
  4. Pet Nutrition Care – As a Pet Owner//Parent, You are always in worry about there food habits and their food in tech. With Pet care services at home, you can avail the at home Nutrition counseling for your pet, where Expert Pet Nutritionist will give you the Diet charts for there proper food in tech which will help you for the keep your pet fit.
  5. Pets Grooming – Pet grooming became popular and necessary due to pollutions and rise in temperature. Pet care at home companies provide the special pet grooming packages, where your pet will get at home grooming at home.
  6. Deworming, Flea & Tick Control – As pets are always susceptible to get worms and get infected by the Flea & Ticks, it’s very important to get the deworming doe regularly. Some of the Petcare companies provide at home Deworming and Flea & Tick control services at Home.

With the above services, pet care companies made the life of pet parents easier by providing all the necessary pet care services at the comfort of your home.

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