Best Pet Food Companies in India

Best Pet Food Companies in India

Depending on what animal you have petted, you will need food for them. Indian pet owners are mostly dog owners and that’s why you are likely to find dog food over the rest, but we have added food for cats, birds, and fishes – the other common Indian pets.

Before moving onto knowing the best brands for your animal, you need to understand why pet food is important for them. Pet food is crafted for the animals and they have a certain amount of nutrition that your animal requires. It is not the regular food you tend to eat and serve them, not knowing about the nutrition they actually require. Consult your veterinarian to know how to go about these pet foods before you serve them.

Best Pet Food Companies

  1. Royal Canin

Royal Canin is a French brand that is on the market since 1967 and has been one of the common brands across the world. They sell dog food that is made of chicken meal, chicken fat, corn, brown rice, wheat gluten and added with natural flavors. It has the right amount of fat, protein, minerals and essential nutrients that your pet needs.

  1. Pedigree

If there one pet dog brand that you have surely heard of in India, it is Pedigree. They have been well advertised and circulated all through the country. The food includes corn, meal chicken, gluten, bone, meat, and so on. The tasty snack is nutritious and believed to be every dog’s favorite. They have food that aid to health concerns like joint care, oral care, hip care, weight control, and more. These are rich in fat, carbohydrates, and protein.

  1. Whiskas

Both Pedigree and Whiskas are products of American company Mars. This product line includes cat food. Their food includes the right amount of fishes, chicken, added with nutrients that your pet cat requires. You just need to know the right portions to serve so that they are not overfed.

  1. Harrison’s Bird Food

Harrison’s Bird Food is one of the top bird food brands in the world and is supplied to India too. These give your birds the right nutrition and are absolutely organic. You can feed medium to large-sized parrots and let their bodies get the right vitamins. These don’t include wheat or cereals.

  1. Tetra Bits

Tetra Bits products are ideal for mid-water and bottom-feeding fishes. They have a natural pigment for intensifying the radiant color of your fishes. These also come with Beta Glucan for boosting immunity naturally.


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