Pet Owners Must Know this Laws and Rules in India


Many people don’t know that animals do have rights in India. Just like citizens, India does offer certain rights to its animals. Animal harassment and ragging is a common problem here. Most of the people complain about pets or animals around them being harassed. However, not all police launch a complaint and give this importance. As a pet owner, you must know these pets laws & rules in India. The Animal Welfare Board of India works towards preventing the animals from being harassed.


What are the laws?


Some of the animal/pet rights that are guaranteed in India include:


  1. The Article 51A of the Constitution of India – It notes the duties of the citizens of India with respect to animal care. Humans must be compassionate and loving to animals. The Constitution of India also offers protection to animal lovers who protect animals.


  1. The Article 19 of the Indian Constitution – It guarantees their citizens the Right to Freedom. However, it varies in terms of trade, occupation or profession. If any person has taken the responsibility of animals, it is his freedom too. If the person considers taking care of the animal for his occupation, he can do so. He must continue to take care in the right way and abide by the rules. Hence, he can carry on with what his occupation demands.


  1. The Article 21 of Indian Constitution – A citizen is entitled to personal life and liberty. This is one of the most significant rights of a person. If any citizen feels the need to offer shelter and feed an animal, he has the liberty to do so. Since it is the right offered to him, he has the liberty to follow.


  1. The Section 503 of Indian Penal Code 1860 – It states intimidation to be a criminal offense that is regarded as cognizable. Any person who threatens another individual who takes care of a pet is regarded as a crime under this act. Even without the issuing of a warrant, the person performing the criminal act can be arrested.


Note that many people do not consider these to be criminal acts. They are ignorant about these laws and often don’t get any charges for their wrongdoings. However, you should be aware of your rights and all these laws for the animals. If you find a situation to be problematic, you can consider consulting a lawyer or filing an FIR.


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