Most Popular Pets in India

Most Popular Pets in India

Indian families are warm towards welcoming pets, reason why the pet population was marked to grow from 7 million to 15 million between 2006 and 2016. As noted by Euromonitor International, our country has the quickest growing pet market compared to any other country. Let us see which are the most popular pets in India here.

On petting animals in India, it is important to note the climate they will be enduring. For instance, it is common for people to pet turtles, especially in the North Eastern states and that is why they are quite common there. However, it will not be common to pet a Siberian husky that needs a different environment and more care.

  1. Dogs

Most Indians consider a dog as the only probable pet! Dogs are loved due to their loyalty and emotional understandings. As per Indian medieval cosmology, dogs are related to Saturn and that makes it all the more demanded. Dogs are definitely the best companion and are loved by all ages.

  1. Cats

Cats from Bengal are the most common pets all across India, but many people love to own Persian cats that cost anywhere around 25000-30,000INR. Rural India considers cats to bring back luck, but that doesn’t stop most of them to pet cats.

  1. Birds

Once upon a time, Indian parrots were the favorite pets and almost all households possessed one. Indians love birds and that’s why they pet different types of them. You’d commonly find sparrows, parakeets, kites, eagles, parrots, and more. Apart from the popular choices, you might also see budgies or cockatoos in Indian households.

  1. Fishes

Plenty of Indian households, shops, and stores have small aquariums where people have fishes. Some common ones to name are alligator gar, flowerhorn, yellow tang, clownfish, angelfish, rabbitfish, foxface, and more. Some people tend to pet a nuchal hump that is considered to bring good luck.

  1. Guinea Pigs

More and more Indian households are focusing on getting small pets as they are easier to maintain. This has probably raised the level of owning guinea pigs. The timid and gentle animals are preferred to be petted in colder climates and are usually herbivores.

Some more common pets apart from the ones listed above are, rabbits, hens, owls, cows, turtles, snakes, and so on. Petting is definitely a daunting task that needs you to be on your toes all the time, but it is quite fun to add an animal to the family.


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