Cats – The Number 1 Pet in India

Cats Number 1 Pet in India

India is open to the idea of petting animals, and plenty of households own pets. From dogs to fishes, from cats to snakes, you’d find plenty of types to pet. Dogs and cats happen to be the most common ones in India, but if we’d had to choose one pet it’ll be cats.

Many people don’t like cats or don’t want to pet them because there are plenty of myths surrounding a cat. From superstitious following to assuming that they are selfish, a lot of people go wrong about cats. Let us read the valid reasons that make cats the best pets!

  1. Easily trainable

Cats are smart and they understand what you want more than any other animal. This in turns helps you train them. As soon as you give them a name, they’ll know they own it. Every time you call it by the name, they’ll give you a gesture to believe that they know you’re calling. Similarly, you can teach a cat when to come, not to scratch the furniture, retrieve a toy, and so on.

  1. Easily content

Cats don’t ask for constant attention like dogs do. You can get your chores done while your cat is busy with itself. They love to be petted but aren’t always clingy. They love toys and have their own comfort zone. Cats are territorial so they are possessive about their belongings.

  1. They can stay alone

People who stay alone can keep their cats at home and go to work. Cats don’t need to be walked very often and love to spend time by themselves. However, this doesn’t mean that you can neglect your cat or not let it have toys. Every animal requires a certain exposure to other living beings, and sometimes you might have to keep a pet sitter.

  1. Litter-box trained

You don’t need to walk your cat to do their business. You just need a litter box, preferably full of sand, and they can help themselves. They also tidy it up on their own so it won’t look gross to you.

  1. Scientific benefits

Cats have been scientifically proven to help you have lesser amounts of heart diseases, as they keep you happy. Their purrs can give healing benefits to treat bones, muscles, and tendons. Cats also help you improve your mental health, and there is nothing more entertaining than cat videos.

The best part about cats is that they are playful and entertaining. They can get acrobatic, curious, and do different antics you couldn’t think of. Get a cat for your home, and you’ll never have another gloomy day!


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