What are Animal Rights in India?


It may sound weird to some but animals too have rights. The animal rights in India are considered to be important just as much as it is for citizens. However, many people are not aware of it or abide by it. Many times officials tend to ignore these laws for animals.


It is to be noted that India has several laws that safeguard the rights of the animals. There are several acts that we tend to commit on a daily basis, which is considered a criminal offense towards animals. Most of the people are unaware of these laws but can react harshly if caught in an offense.


Animal Rights

Human Society International/India had sent out a list of acts that are punishable offenses. The following note the importance of the laws that work towards the welfare of animals:


  • As per Article 51A, every person must be compassionate towards animals. It bestows upon the citizens the right to have compassion for the living beings.


  • 428 and 429 IPC Sections states that killing or harming any animal, be it stray or pet is considered to be a criminal offense.


  • As per the PCA Act of 1960, Section 11(1)(j) any citizen must refrain from abandoning the pet animal. The act of abandoning the animal can lead to an imprisonment for three months.


  • It is a criminal offense to slaughter any animal anywhere apart from a slaughterhouse. This is stated by the Rule 3 from the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Rules 2001. Also, according to the Chapter 4, Food Safety and Standards Regulation of 2011, one cannot slaughter a pregnant or sick animal. The Indian Constitution bans its citizens from showing any kind of cruelty towards animals.


  • According to the Section 11(1)(h), a citizen should not neglect an animal by denying her shelter, food or water. Also, it states that no citizen should chain or keep an animal confined into space for a long time. This is regarded as a serious punishable offense which may lead to a payment of a fine and/or imprisonment for three months.


  • The Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 ensures the protection of monkeys. The Act prohibits a citizen from owning or displaying a monkey for a show. There are several other laws for our animals. You should be aware of the animal rights and act before mistreating an animal or before breaking rules.



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