What Makes Dog Great Pets?

What Makes Dogs Great Pet

The debate between petting a dog vs. a cat will always remain. But we cannot admit that there are some behavioral aspects that make dogs the most loved pets of all. Here, we are going to determine some of the reasons why dogs are man’s best friend and what makes dog great pets?

Reasons to pet a dog

If you’re trying to convince your parents to pet a dog as they simply wouldn’t agree to it, here are the top five reasons that will make them agree to you:

  1. Dogs always have your back

Dogs always have our back and it is a practical reason to pet them. They protect our homes and our family. The possibility of keeping home invaders away increases when you have a pet dog.

Dogs bark every time they see someone new to give you an alert. Until you familiarize dogs with relatives and friends, they think they are intruders getting into your personal space.

While you need to train them to be friendly to guests, this behavior is a helping hand to keep away thieves. Thus, every night you go to bed, you will be in peace that someone is there to give you an alert.

  1. Dogs keep you active

Dogs are good for your mental and physical health. They not only keep you happy emotionally but also make you exercise. You need to take your dog for a walk every day because they need this physical activity. You might not realize, doing this every day also pumps up your heart rate, and if you walk 20 minutes a day with your pet, it reduces chances of heart risk by 8 percent.

  1. Dogs bring you, new friends

Our modern-day society has become alien to strangers. We don’t talk or smile at people anymore. If you have a dog walking next to you, there will be no fear of interaction.

Dogs let you become more social and notice people around you. You will want to talk to people and find some of them play with your dog or question about him.

Most people love dogs and there are many online groups available for people who have the same dog breed. You might want to take your pup and meet new friends, while you meet likeminded people to interact with.

  1. Dogs cut down on loneliness

Dogs are amazing pets that can fight loneliness. There are times when we don’t have our friends and family around but we need them the most. These are also the times when we find our dog as our best support.

Dogs are a comforting companion. They love to be around their owners and please them. You will find your dog cuddle with you, sit beside you while watching TV, eat with you, and more. They soon become as important as a family member and a loyal friend.

  1. Dogs relieve stress

If you pet a dog, you lower chances of being in depression or having anxiety. When you pet a dog, you improve the feeling of relaxation and contentment. This is also where dogs differ from most cats, as dogs want a lot of attention and give you affection in return.

  1. They understand you

Dogs can sense if you are happy or sad. Their emotions depend on how you feel, unlike cats who usually don’t understand or don’t seem to give you attention.

If you ever sitting in the corner of a room and crying, you will always find your dog coming to you and trying to make you feel better. Dogs understand emotions really well and they try to make you happy in every way. They are sometimes more human than we are, and that’s what makes them so special.

Final thoughts

If these don’t convince your parents to pet a dog, you give them a surprise by bringing one home! They will soon realize that it is the best decision ever, but you do need to do some maintaining and caring for your furry friend.


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