Top 5 Dog Events in India You Must Be a Part of


If you have a dog in your house, you would definitely understand the need to make it social. Dogs are one of the most social animals and love to interact a lot. It is very obvious for you to get your furry friend, another friend with whom he can play. You might even notice that when you take your dog on an evening walk, they tend to play around a lot. One of the most important parts through which you can make your dog have more fun is by taking them to top 5 dog events in India.


Is it necessary to be a part of dog event only when you own one? No. If you have compassion for dogs and are extremely in love with them, you should attend one. These dog events have owners bringing their dogs of different breeds. Nonetheless, if you do not own one, don’t be disheartened. In the dog festival, you can meet many of them and enjoy your hearts out. Mentioned below is a list of dog events you will like to attend.


  1. Pet Fed


Pet Fed is one of the most prominent dog events of India. It is mostly held around the cities of Delhi and Mumbai. The event was launched on November 1, 2014. Various celebrities take part in the event. Dogs of all breeds are welcomed. It is an annual event that you and your dog can be a part of.


  1. The Kennel Club


The Kennel Club hosts the best dog events around the cities of Mumbai, India, Bangalore, and Delhi. It also hosts the event in Dehradun sometimes. The event is a must-visit one for all the dog lovers. If you own a dog, bring them here and let them participate in different games and interactive sessions.


  1. Canine Club


Even the Canine Club around the various cities hosts dog events from time to time. Dogs of different breeds are invited and there’s a lot of fun activity, ranging from food to games. You can book your seats and get going.


  1. The Golden Retriever Club of India


This is the must-visit event for every fan of Golden Retrievers. Right from small puppies to big dogs, you will spend time with these shiny beauties. It is a wonderful place of happiness and fun. It event happens in Bangalore, Kolkata, and Delhi. Bring in your pet Golden Retriever and let him mingle with more of its kind.


  1. Pet Fair


Pet Fair happens all around India and should be attended by all the pet lovers. Right from small pets to big ones, you can see plenty of pets here. Furry creatures from all over the city and outskirts attend this event to have a gala time.


If you want some quality time with your dog, book your seats at one of these events and get going. It is sure that you will have a luxurious time and improve your pet’s mental well-being.


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