Top 5 Dog Accessories You Must Have in India


All of us are very fond of our furry friends, aren’t we? So, when you have all sorts of luxury, why not your friend? We have got a list of top dog accessories lined up for your furry friend which you should have as a dog owner.



1. Dog Bed    

The first thing you will need for your dog is a comfortable bed. When you train the dog in her home, you will have to allow him to sleep in the kennel. The small dog beds with comfortable sheepskin are designed for giving them a good sleep. However, make sure that your dog does not chew these beddings. It not only disrupts the material but also leads to digestive issues. You can give your dog a towel before sleeping to remove the chewing habit.

2. Grooming supplies 

From a minimal age, the dog will require proper grooming. In this process, you can even train your dog. You will have to wash and comb the coat regularly. You can clean his ears, brush the teeth and groom it properly. For this, you will need grooming supplies such as blow dryer, cotton balls, nail clipper, scissor, shampoo, conditioner, and towels.

3. Leash and collar 

When you’re getting the collar, ensure that it is a nylon one with the two-piece buckle. It should be loose but should not slip. Also, ensure that it is not too tight. To check this, you can put two fingers and ensure that there’s space between the neck and the collar. The leash should be good enough to handle you the control for walks and training. The leash must be strong and appropriately manufactured.


4. Toys

Dogs are fond of toys and you can get your furry friend certain soft toys. These toys will help you to increase your bonding your dog. Nonetheless, make sure that your dog doesn’t chew it or it will be harmful for the pet.

5. Chew bone 

Dogs long a toy chew bone that they can chew whenever they want. Many times, using the bone might mean that they are hungry and are ready for their next meal. It often becomes a toy that only belongs to them and they sense the feeling of ownership.These are a few basic dog accessories that you should get for the comfort of your dog. We all love our dogs, so we ensure the best for them. Get these tiny things to brighten up their life and add happiness to yours too.






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