What Are The Common Allergies Dogs Are Susceptible To?

Humans are very much prone to allergies, but so are their dogs! When the immune system of the body becomes weak, the dog body often considers the regular allergens as a threat to health. In most of the cases, the dogs might cure of these allergies or the allergies may be harmless. However, if the dog isn’t treated properly, the threat may increase and cause extreme pain to your dog. These can prove to be problematic when in contact with skin or when inhaled. Meanwhile, when the dog is affected by the allergen, he may suffer from digestive and respiratory issues.


What are the most common symptoms?

Just like humans, dogs too show certain kinds of symptoms when they are infected by allergens. These allergies can be equally problematic as it is to humans. Some of the most common symptoms of the allergy in dogs include:

  • Too much of scratching.
  • If infected by flea allergy, back or the base of the tail may become excessively itchy.
  • Diarrhea
  • An inflamed throat that can cause snoring while sleeping.
  • Skin becomes red, itchy and moist.
  • Swollen paws that can lead to chewing it
  • Licking the infected area constantly
  • Itchy ears indicate an ear infection
  • Vomiting
  • Sneezing

In some cases, these dogs may also be prone to bacterial and yeast infections which can result in loss of hair or formation of crust around the skin.

Types of allergies

Dogs are prone to several kinds of allergies and some of which are mentioned below:

  1. Mold Spores


This infection usually causes irritation to the skin. If you have too many molds in your house, you need to do a proper cleaning. Also, make sure to keep the air in the area clean in order to avoid any risk. This would help in reducing the allergy symptoms.

  1. Feathers



If you have a bird around your house and your dog is extremely allergic, your dog might be allergic to feather. Even if you don’t have a bird, dogs can be allergic to the feathers in your pillow too. Thus, you should avoid such a risk and replace pillows with other material.

  1. Cigarette smoke


Not only humans but dogs too are allergic to cigarette smoke. You should not smoke near your dog just as you shouldn’t near your child. The condition can increase his allergy symptoms and cause extreme skin burning and itching.


There are so many problems like these. Your dog may be allergic to certain foods too. Thus, you should be precise while offering them the food. Make sure you maintain good hygiene to keep your dog safe and healthy.


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