Dogs as a Pet – Do’s & Dont’s


Have you decided on yourself about getting a dog home? Are you ready to take all the responsibilities of having a dog? Owning and taking care of a dog is similar to that of a baby. You will have to nurse a pet dog the same way you will be nursing a baby. Thus, here is a list of the do’s and don’ts about getting a dog as a pet.



1. Do make space for the dog

Bring a huge dog in your home only if you’re able to give him lots of room and space to walk. In case you’ve got the space and you are energetic you can go ahead with sporty dogs, Labrador retriever, golden retriever, or cocker spaniel. The working breeds like bullmastiff, the Bernese mountain dog, Siberian husky or Great Dane can also be ideal options.

2. Don’t get a shaggy dog if you are allergic

Consider buying a dog that doesn’t shed their fur too much in case you are concerned about allergies and kids. Well-kept dogs shed less even when they have a tendency to. Excellent options are bichon frises, standard poodles and schnauzers. If allergy is still an issue, consider wiping your dog’s coat using a drier sheet to pick up excessive dander and loose hairs.

3. Do select a gentle puppy

Some of the dogs are very gentle such like pugs, boxers, bulldogs, toy poodles, and so on. They are also very protective about their owners. Some aloof dogs need time to blend well with people are Dalmatians, toy puddles, and chow chows.



4. Don’t opt for a herding dog if you are too busy

Border collies, corgis, and Shetland sheepdogs are extremely intelligent, obedient, and trainable. However, you need to be very active to train them. You need to keep a close check on them and be extra cautious when kids are around.

5. Do get them the best meals

There are a number of dogs that have allergy towards certain ingredients while others might not really enjoy the flavor of certain foods. You can also buy a superior brand of dog food that doesn’t suit their stomach. Be careful when you experiment with their taste buds. Ask a vet for the best suggestions as they know who to feed what.

Now that you are well aware of the dog needs, you can pet yours soon. However, make sure that you take care of it properly or else you will not have the happiest experience. You have to be very careful when nursing a dog as well.


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